Rochester Youth Football Association

2023 Spring Financial Aid Application



Financial assistance is available to families who are unable to afford the registration costs associated with playing Spring Flag Football through RYFA. The primary criteria for qualifying for financial assistance is eligibility/participation in the Free/Reduced Lunch program.  If there are unusual circumstances and your child is not currently enrolled in the Free/Reduced Lunch program you may submit a letter to RYFA explaining your situation.  Please provide as much information as possible to justify your request.  RYFA will determine the amount of aid granted based on the information you provided.  


  • Players who qualify for the free lunch program will be required to pay 25% of the applicable registration fee.
  • Players who qualify for the reduced lunch program will be required to pay 50% of the applicable registration fee.

Applications for financial assistance must be made by a player's parent or guardian. Financial assistance applications will be held in confidence between the parent/guardian and RYFA.  Receipt of financial assistance for a previous season does not guarantee financial assistance will be provided in subsequent seasons; a new request must be submitted for each season.  Please include your most recent free/reduced lunch letter when you apply for financial aid. 

If you are granted financial assistance for tackle football, but you did not return your equipment at the end of the season, you may not qualify for scholarship equipment in the future. 


Please direct questions to:

RYFA Rochester Youth Football Association